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We are FIRMA.

At FIRMA, we envision ourselves as Ethiopia’s creative beacon, leading the charge in innovating the realm of communications, documentation, and visibility. Our commitment isn’t solely about expanding our profitable portfolio; it’s about redefining the contours of creativity. By seamlessly blending client-centric projects with our passion-driven internal endeavors, we aim to consistently challenge the conventions, setting new benchmarks in the process. As we grow and evolve, our mission remains unwavering: to be a bastion of thought leadership, always pioneering, always transcending the ordinary, and always stretching ourselves toward excellence.

Our latest work

Enterprise Partners

In collaboration with Enterprise Partners (EP), Firma revamped EP’s website, a market system development program in Ethiopia funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development

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Clients Who Believe in Us

In-House Projects

Pioneering solutions for creatives, pushing the limits of creativity, and elevating artistic potential.

Negarit Awards

Shining a spotlight on the brilliant minds of Ethiopia's advertising, communications, and marketing sector.

Reqiq Insights

Transforming raw data into captivating visual stories and insights.

Stock Amba

Your one-stop destination for authentic Ethiopian visuals, from vibrant photos to unique templates.

Loga Talents

Discover and champion ethical talent scouting for the next generation of stars.


Celebrating local creativity: a curated marketplace for Ethiopia's artists and photographers.