MAISHA – Afro-European Music Festival

Documenting SWEEP’s Journey of 3 years and 70,000 People

We had the pleasure of undertaking the unique challenge of branding an event when the European Union put together a week-long Afro-European music festival. We began by creating a shorter, softer name for the event— Maisha— meaning “life” in Swahili. This event had visibility throughout Addis Ababa and Europe, so we had to expand our context to outside of Ethiopia; creating a palette and look that appealed to this diverse audience. We picked colors that expressed the mood and tone of the event, and designed communication materials such as posters, invitation cards, notebooks, pens, and so much more.

Graphic Design


Creative Director, Content Development and Photography:
Genaye Eshetu

Graphic Design:
Fitsum Admasu


Content Development
Graphic Design