Rebranding Ethiopost

After 127 years in service, the Ethiopian Postal Services underwent extensive rebranding with a new name. Firma undertook this assignment to bring about change to the visual elements of the Corporation, while also aiding in bringing about a cultural shift that matched the new identity. In consultation with the client, Firma provided the new name, revitalized the […]

Rebranding Hidasie Telecom

When FIRMA took on the rebranding of Hidassie Telecom, it was ahead of and in preparation for the competition to come within the telecom industry in Ethiopia. The aim was to refresh, standardize, and streamline the branding and brand identity of the organization. The organization was ambitious in its short- and long-term goals and the […]

Branding MAISHA: Afro-European Music Festival

We had the pleasure of undertaking the unique challenge of branding an event when the European Union put together a week-long Afro-European music festival. We began by creating a shorter, softer name for the event— Maisha— meaning “life” in Swahili. This event had visibility throughout Addis Ababa and Europe, so we had to expand our context to […]

Balinjeraye: The Neighbor-Love Movement

Campaign Management for The Neighbor-Love Movement Firma has been and continues to manage various campaigns for The Neighbor-Love Movement, an innately SBC initiative geared towards encouraging more wholistic and united communities in Ethiopia. As part of this campaign, we have identified and profiled our audience, we have outlined our objectives, and we have been exceedingly […]

Branding Ethiopian Diaspora Agency

When the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency launched under the Foreign Affairs office, it did not have its own individual logo or identity by which it can target its very specific audience. We had to keep in mind the Agency was relevant to the Ethiopian government as well as hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian diaspora around the globe; it was […]