Lyreco's ABREHOT Project

Fundraising Teaser Video

Lyreco's ABREHOT Project

Fundraising Teaser Video

Project Overview

Education, an essential foundation for a prosperous future, remains elusive for countless children across the world. Lyreco, with its mission to raise 1 million euros for supporting underprivileged children's education, approached FIRMA to craft a video that would echo their commitment and inspire others to join the cause.

The Challenge

Capture the beauty and spirit of Bahirdar while highlighting the educational challenges its children face. The video needed to be a blend of hope and urgency, motivating viewers to actively contribute to Lyreco's noble mission.

Our Solution

The "Lyreco Teaser Video" was conceived to be more than just a visual narrative. Shot amidst the scenic landscapes of Bahirdar, the video not only portrays the vibrancy of the city but poignantly juxtaposes it against the stark educational challenges children here face. Through heart-tugging visuals complemented by an evocative narration, the teaser amplifies Lyreco's clarion call for change.

Key Features of the Video

Stunning Cinematography: Every shot celebrates Bahirdar's beauty, setting a hopeful backdrop for the pressing narrative.

Emotive Storytelling: Real-life snippets of children, their dreams juxtaposed with their challenges, form the crux of the video.\

Inspiring Narration: A powerful voiceover narrates Lyreco's commitment and appeals for collective action.

Call to Action: The video culminates in an earnest plea, urging viewers to collaborate with Lyreco and make tangible change.


The "Lyreco Teaser Video" is not just another corporate video; it's an anthem of hope and change. The video has garnered significant attention, motivating countless individuals and organizations to align with Lyreco's mission.

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