Kifiya Financial Technologies

Project Overview For those on the cusp of technological revolutions, especially in economies like Ethiopia, access to finance can often be the bridge between mere survival and transformative growth. Recognizing the potential of Kifiya’s digital platform, Qena, FIRMA was entrusted with the task of weaving a narrative that could encapsulate the vision behind this groundbreaking […]

Balinjeraye: The Neighbor-Love Movement

Campaign Management for The Neighbor-Love Movement Firma has been and continues to manage various campaigns for The Neighbor-Love Movement, an innately SBC initiative geared towards encouraging more wholistic and united communities in Ethiopia. As part of this campaign, we have identified and profiled our audience, we have outlined our objectives, and we have been exceedingly […]

Smart-face and Conveyer Belt

World Food Programme approached our studio to present their new revolutionary system in a creative way as a response to a problem that costs the organizations a lot of money.