Using Mini-Media: Club Activities for Better Girls’ Engagement

“I use literature to create awareness among students on gender equity,” says Meron, as she folds up a piece of paper that had poems she wrote on role of women in the society. Her Maths teacher, Gizachew, who is also the leader of the mini media club stood besides her guiding Meron in her presentation. […]

Ensuring Gender Equality Through Making Reusable Menstrual Pads

When Tenaye Ashenafi had her first period, she was at school, where other kids ridiculed and laughed at her. She run back home and showed her blood stained cloth to her mother. “But even my mother didn’t know about sanitary pads, let alone me,” Tenaye says. She managed her period using pieces of ‘gabi,’ a […]

Creating Gender Responsive Environment in Schools, Tarekegn’s story

Students murmur as it is not customary for a teacher to come to the classroom with a baby on her back. Tiruwork lullabies her child to sleep while her students work on their class assignments. It didn’t take long for the talk of a teacher carrying a baby to class to reach the director of […]