CARE: Act With Her

Project Overview Narratives have the power to not only inform but to transform. Recognizing this, FIRMA teamed up with CARE Ethiopia’s ‘Act With Her Project’ to weave a tapestry of authentic human experiences. Through words and visuals, we sought to bring to the fore the stories of individuals from Harar and Bahir Dar. The Challenge […]

CARE: Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Project

Project Overview Menstrual hygiene, while a fundamental health and dignity concern, often finds itself shrouded in myths and stigmas. Recognizing the pressing need to change this narrative, FIRMA embarked on a pioneering Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) campaign. Our aim? To shed light on menstrual hygiene management and the myriad of healthy menstruation products […]

Balinjeraye: The Neighbor-Love Movement

Campaign Management for The Neighbor-Love Movement Firma has been and continues to manage various campaigns for The Neighbor-Love Movement, an innately SBC initiative geared towards encouraging more wholistic and united communities in Ethiopia. As part of this campaign, we have identified and profiled our audience, we have outlined our objectives, and we have been exceedingly […]


In collaboration with UNESCO, we crafted a visually compelling quadrifold brochure from scratch, highlighting their “Safe Learning Environments” initiative for girls’ education. Our minimalist design approach, coupled with rich storytelling visuals, delivered a powerful and engaging tool. With minimal oversight, we created a brochure that packs substance while staying true to our signature style. This […]