Documenting UNESCO’s Safe Learning Environments

In collaboration with UNESCO, we crafted a visually compelling quadrifold brochure from scratch, highlighting their “Safe Learning Environments” initiative for girls’ education. Our minimalist design approach, coupled with rich storytelling visuals, delivered a powerful and engaging tool. With minimal oversight, we created a brochure that packs substance while staying true to our signature style. This project effectively amplifies UNESCO’s mission to empower girls through safe education.


Like the discovery of an old key that unlocked hidden treasures, our brochure unveils the hidden potential within the Safe Learning Environments initiative. With a minimalist design that speaks volumes, we invite readers to embark on a journey of empowerment and discovery.


These compelling visuals stand as a testament to the unity and collective determination shared by all who champion UNESCO’s mission of empowering girls through safe education. Each image vividly portrays the collaborative spirit of educators, students, and community members, showcasing their unwavering commitment to fostering secure and nurturing learning environments.

Graphic Design


Creative Director, Content Development and Photography:
Genaye Eshetu

Graphic Design:
Fitsum Admasu


Content Development
Graphic Design