SWEEP Project


SWEEP Project

Water for Food Security, Women’s Empowerment and Environmental Protection: Documenting a 3-year journey of women’s empowerment and improved food security and resiliency in East and West Belesa, Gondar.

When FIRMA set out to document SWEEP’s achievements and lessons learned through its three years of implementation, our focus was on creating a contrast between the goals the project set out to meet, and the reality on the ground— which far exceeded the targets— through engaging storytelling. The storytelling aspect of this assignment was at the forefront of the subjects we chose and the final products we delivered. We did this to bring the numbers and the targets to life, and to dignify the many beneficiaries whom we interviewed and documented.


For the photography portion of this assignment (executed by Genaye Eshetu), we chose portraiture and reportage style photography to convey both the emotion of the moment and the impact of the work. Subjects are often pictured up close in their natural environment in a portrait style, or they are pictured engaged in relevant activities. The pictures were powerful especially paired with the success stories that were written about the subjects. 


At FIRMA, we relish opportunities to deep-dive into the stories of our subjects to create rich and engaging stories. The success stories for SWEEP were written and edited by Diana Yohannes, and each one was carefully selected after hours of interviews with subjects. Our storywriting begins long before we meet our subjects; we identify plot points necessary to tell our clients’ story combined with identified subjects who are not only willing to tell their stories, but are enthusiastic to do so. 

Diana Yohannes

Walking the Talk

Capacity Development for Local Government Creates Exemplary Forces of Women Empowerment Working for the Women and Children’s Affairs Bureau for the West Belesa Woreda Administration, Atala

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The cinematography team takes hours-long footage to compile the perfect 3-minute or 5-minute snippet that tells our clients’ story well while keeping the dignity of our subjects intact. For this particular assignment, we dispatched a director (Fitsum Admasu), a cinematographer (Andualem Deressa), and an audio-visual assistant (Zerubabel Regassa) to direct, film, edit, and produce the short and long documentaries we submitted to the client. 

Client Testimonial

Firma Media was chosen by CARE Ethiopia to create engaging, high-quality documentation for the SWEEP project in Central Gondar. They delivered a documentary film, short videos, human interest stories, and high-resolution photos that were relevant and impactful to the target audience. The professional team was excellent in maintaining deadlines and flexibility with changes. Their ability to communicate effectively and their dedication to the work was commendable. Due to this positive experience, we highly recommend Firma Media for any similar endeavors.
Samuel Eshetu
Deputy Country Director Operation


Fitsum Admasu

Genaye Eshetu

Human Interest Story
Diana Yohannes

Andualem Deressa

Zeruabel Regassa

Script Development and Editing
Ayantu Duki

Mikyas Belay

Translation and Subtitles
Meti Ketema


Content Development