Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Project


Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Project

Project Overview

Menstrual hygiene, while a fundamental health and dignity concern, often finds itself shrouded in myths and stigmas. Recognizing the pressing need to change this narrative, FIRMA embarked on a pioneering Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) campaign. Our aim? To shed light on menstrual hygiene management and the myriad of healthy menstruation products available.

The Challenge

The task wasn't just about disseminating information. It was about altering deep-rooted misconceptions, promoting acceptance, and equipping women and girls with the knowledge they need. The campaign had to resonate, educate, and empower.

Our Solution

Drawing upon meticulous research and understanding, FIRMA's SBCC strategy holistically mapped out objectives, audience segmentation, language nuances, and precise messaging. The crowning jewel was our use of visually engaging graphics that not only captivated but clearly conveyed the message, driving home the importance of positive menstrual hygiene practices.

Key Features of the Video

Tailored Messaging: Our strategy identified segmented audiences, ensuring each message was tailored to resonate with its intended demographic.

Impactful Graphics: A blend of informative and compelling visuals amplified the strategy's core messages, ensuring clarity and retention.

Inclusive Language: Recognizing the sensitivity of the topic, the campaign was crafted with language that was both respectful and empowering.

Holistic Approach: Beyond just product awareness, the campaign delved into broader menstrual hygiene management topics, promoting comprehensive understanding.


The SBCC campaign stands as a testament to FIRMA's commitment to meaningful change. It has catalyzed conversations, promoted informed choices, and has been a significant milestone in the journey toward widespread positive menstrual hygiene practices.