Kifiya Financial Technologies

Kifiya Financial Technologies

Project Overview

For those on the cusp of technological revolutions, especially in economies like Ethiopia, access to finance can often be the bridge between mere survival and transformative growth. Recognizing the potential of Kifiya’s digital platform, Qena, FIRMA was entrusted with the task of weaving a narrative that could encapsulate the vision behind this groundbreaking initiative.

The Challenge

Introduce Qena to a diverse audience, highlighting its revolutionary approach to financial access, especially for the underserved segments in Ethiopia. The objective was not just to present facts, but to convey the deeper impact on nano, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and small holder farmers.

Our Solution

Drawing upon our profound expertise in storytelling and animation, FIRMA crafted a compelling 3-minute video. More than a mere introduction, this video serves as a visual journey, delineating how Qena is not just a platform but a beacon of hope. By offering cost-effective credit management, tailored financial products, and innovative collateral solutions, Qena paves the way for financial empowerment.

Key Features of the Video

Narrative Arc: The video begins by addressing the financial constraints faced by MSMEs and small holder farmers, gradually transitioning into the solutions provided by Qena.

Vibrant Animation: Utilizing our state-of-the-art animation techniques, we illustrated the ease of using Qena, ensuring viewers grasp the platform’s user-friendly interface.

Emotive Storytelling: Beyond the technicalities, the narrative emphasizes the life-changing potential of financial access, presenting real-life scenarios where Qena can make a difference.

Local Nuances: Respecting the cultural and economic fabric of Ethiopia, the video is crafted with localized nuances ensuring it resonates deeply with its primary audience.


The video not only introduced Qena’s offerings but did so with a flair that evoked emotion, understanding, and a sense of anticipation for the transformative changes Qena promises to bring.