Documenting SWEEP’s Journey of 3 years and 70,000 People


Documenting SWEEP’s Journey of 3 years and 70,000 People

In collaboration with Doctors with Africa CUAMM, Firma undertook the Newborn Survival Project to create a 25-minute instructional video on newborn care. This vital resource, narrated in Afaan Oromoo with English subtitles, addressed the pressing need to empower health extension workers in Wolisso, Ethiopia, with essential knowledge and skills. The video covered comprehensive newborn care, from antenatal care to postnatal support, and was filmed on location to ensure cultural relevance. Distribution and accompanying training sessions led to a tangible reduction in newborn mortality rates, improved community understanding of newborn care, and sustainable healthcare capacity building. This project exemplified the impactful synergy between healthcare NGOs and multimedia production companies in enhancing healthcare outcomes through accessible and culturally sensitive educational tools.


Explore CUAMM’s three-year journey, impacting 70,000 lives through newborn care initiatives. Narrated in Afaan Oromoo with English subtitles, this video empowers healthcare workers in Wolisso, Ethiopia, for healthier beginnings.

Client Testimonial

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Firma Media and Communications plc for the excellent work done in producing a video teaching on new-born care and practice as well as a spot message in Afaan-Oromo language. The team was cooperative and professional in making the video from the inception until completion. They were working hard, addressing all requests and comments coming through out the collaboration period. They established and maintained a strong working relationship with project staff from the beginning up to the end. The team was organized, punctual and professional. The high quality video they produced it is going to be used to teach women in the community as well as to be used in CUAMM socials. The spot message will be broadcasted by OBN radio. am pleased to recommend Firma Media and Communications plc for videography production work.
Laura Miglierina
Project Manager


Fitsum Admasu

Andualem Deressa

Mehari Wolde

Script Development and Editing:
Ayantu Duki