Act With Her

Act With Her

Project Overview

Narratives have the power to not only inform but to transform. Recognizing this, FIRMA teamed up with CARE Ethiopia's 'Act With Her Project' to weave a tapestry of authentic human experiences. Through words and visuals, we sought to bring to the fore the stories of individuals from Harar and Bahir Dar.

The Challenge

The assignment was multifaceted – from writing human interest stories to conducting interviews and creating a photobook. The challenge lay not just in the volume but in capturing the depth of emotion, resilience, and strength of these individuals.

Our Solution

FIRMA delved deep, taking the time to understand each individual's journey. Over the course of the project, our team penned 35 poignant human interest stories, conducted 55 in-depth interviews, and undertook extensive portrait photography and photovoice documentation. The culmination of our endeavors was a beautifully crafted photobook, where each page resonated with the spirit of the individuals featured.

Key Features of the Video

Authentic Storytelling: Each of the 35 stories penned by FIRMA were rooted in authenticity, capturing the triumphs, challenges, hopes, and dreams of the individuals.

In-Depth Interviews: Through the 55 interviews, we delved into the nuanced experiences of these individuals, ensuring their voices were heard loud and clear.

Visual Documentation: Our portrait photography and photovoice documentation visually complemented the narratives, adding depth and context.

The Photobook: Designed with care and precision, the photobook stands as a tangible tribute to the resilience of the individuals from Harar and Bahir Dar.


The project with CARE Ethiopia was more than just an assignment for FIRMA; it was a journey of discovery, empathy, and storytelling. The photobook and the narratives therein have left an indelible mark on the 'Act With Her Project', echoing the voices of those featured far and wide.