Diana Yohannes

Director of Content

Diana Yohannes has over ten years of experience writing and editing for various multinational organizations in and outside of Ethiopia including for World Bank Group, GIZ, JSI Inc., UN Women, and Panagora Group. She brings to the table her superb quality control skills making sure every publication and material is accurate, culturally sensitive, and contextually relevant.

Stories by Diana

1Win Sitio web oficial

¿Cuál es la casa de apuestas 1win y qué opciones de apuesta ofrece? ¿Cómo registrarse en la plataforma? Beneficios fácilmente disponibles, promociones, recompensas. ¿Cómo colocar

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Water for Food Security, Women’s Empowerment and Environmental Protection: Documenting a 3-year journey of women’s empowerment and improved food security and resiliency in East and

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Diana Yohannes

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